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On the off chance that there had been any questions left over the personality of Asta’s mom, the most current section of Black Clover has formally affirmed their association with the uncover of her official shading plan. As Asta proceeds with his preparation for the forthcoming fight against the Spade Kingdom’s Dark Triad.

One of the astounding uncovers during his Devil-Binding Ritual was that the fallen angel inside Asta’s grimmoire had once invested energy in Earth along with a thoughtful human lady that took him in following his getaway from the hidden world.

The manner in which it was uncovered, in any case, implied there were still conceivably a few questions regarding whether this lady genuinely was Asta’s mom. Given that Asta’s villain Liebe commented to himself about how Asta and his mom were really indistinguishable, there was still space to address whether this lady before, Licita, was really his mom.

However, it’s been affirmed significantly more with the cover page for the most up to date section of the arrangement that shows Licita and Asta share a similar shading eye and hair. The cover page for Chapter 272 of Black Clover as shared through Shonen Jump’s official Twitter account gave fans the main full in shading take a gander at Licita since her presentation a couple of sections earlier.

In spite of the fact that her character plan and character made her a carbon copy for her child, this gander at her official shading plan has solidified this association set up. Presently it’s simply a question of holding up until Asta sorts out the association among Liebe and his mom himself. As Asta keeps on preparing himself for the battle ahead, in any case, it appears as though his mom’s personality is most likely going to be insignificant for some time.