black clover spade kingdom synopsis
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Black Clover is back with a new arc, and fans have been trusting that this story will unfurl for quite a while. Finally, the Spade Kingdom arc has pushed ahead, and it vows to be one of the show’s ideal yet.

Presently, some new data about the arc has gone live, and fans have realized what a part of its first episodes intend to do. As of late, Black Clover went live with a huge number of episode summaries for its new arc.

It was there fans were determined what will be going down in episodes 160 – 162. Things being what they are, the Spade Kingdom is prepared to increase its hostility, so that implies Asta and his friends will equip to fight back.

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You can locate the Black Clover episode titles and synopsis down beneath, courtesy of BCspoiler over on Twitter:

Episode 160 – “The Messenger of the Spade Kingdom”

Asta and Yuno were abandoned as babies in front of a church in the village of the Age at the board of the Clover Kingdom. The secret of Yuno’s birth is revealed. Meanwhile, the HQ of the Golden Dawn is under attack by the wizards of the Spade kingdom who suddenly appeared in the absence of their vice-captain, Yuno… The Golden Dawn, which is supposed to be the strongest in the Clover Kingdom, is being hunted down.

Episode 161 – “The Power of Zeno”

The Golden Dawn is in danger, and Yuno rushes to help. However, their HQ has been destroyed and many of their members were lying in a state of death. Yuno is furious at the situation… Additionally, Zenon Zogratis, aa wizard from Spade Kingdom and part of the Dark Triad who possesses the power of a high-level demon, appears.

Episode 162 – “The Great War Breaks Out”

While spending time in the Heart Kingdom, Asta decides to return to the hideout of the Black Bull. Suddenly one of the three Dark Triads, Dante Zogratis, appears and attacks. Asta and his friends fight back but they struggle against Dante, who is also a devil host but has more power than Asta. Additionally, Dark Triad’s Vanica Zogratis, who possesses the demon Megicula, invades the Heart Kingdom.