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Black Clover is at present advancing to another unique anime arc as the Clover Kingdom gets ready for a battle against the devils of the Spade Kingdom, and the following episode of the arrangement is promising to be a major one. Despite the fact that it won’t adjust the Spade Kingdom fights from the manga presently.

It appears to be that Episode 151 of the arrangement which will air today, Tuesday, November 10th will commence the training arc in a proper initially skipped by Yuki Tabata’s unique manga version of the events.

The anime will presently start preparing its different knights in full. This starts with Episode 151 of the series which sees the different Magic Knight Captains going all out against each other in a genuine trial of their present aptitudes. The motivation behind why fans appear so into Episode 151, specifically, is that it will have some amazing artists behind it, for example, director Isuta Meister, who has managed a lot of the anime’s coolest minutes up until now.

@reurangel_, who worked with the scene and shared a see of their commitments to the following episode:

In spite of the fact that the anime still can’t seem to come to the manga’s material right now, this scene will include fights that we have not seen in Yuki Tabata’s unique dependent on what we can sparkle from its first see pictures so far.

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