Black Clover Episode 161
Photo: Studio Pierrot

Black Clover anime throughout its 150+ episode time has had many epic battles and fierce moments and recently the series is teasing one extraordinary battle for Yuno in the following episode with new promo pictures.

The Spade Kingdom arc is currently completely in progress in the anime arrangement, and keeping in mind that we had perceived how Asta and a couple of other Clover Kingdom knights have filled in their half year of trainingg with the Heart Kingdom, the center has been moved to how Yuno has fared during that time also. However, while he probably won’t have apparently developed truly further, the most recent series of scenes are shaking things up for him in some sensational alternate manners.

Subsequent to affirming that he’s been elevated to the Vice-Captain of the Golden Dawn during the half-year timeskip, Black Clover’s anime has truly gotten Yuno through a lot of hardship with a progression of uncovers tying him straightforwardly to the Spade Kingdom’s imperial family. As he needs to grasp this he likewise needs to battle for the Clover Kingdom as Xenon of the Dark Triad has taken his action. With respect to what’s to come, new review pictures for Episode 161 teaser it will deteriorate for Yuno, check out the pictures below:

Black Clover anime episode 160’s ending saw Xenon advancing toward the Golden Dawn den alongside a few lower positioning contenders that are acquiring his Devil powers. Regardless of the Golden Dawn being the highest level crew in the Clover Kingdom, none of them had the option to ward off these amazing enemies. When Yuno got to the scene, there was only blood and devastation and he drove himself into a fierceness by testing Xenon head-on.

The freshest opening theme of the anime actually teased that Yuno would get into a battle with Xenon, and the following episode of the arrangement will be the place where this battle starts as the battle between the two realms gets into going all out

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