Black Clover Episode 158
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When it comes to an anime, a time skip is not something fans are not used to, and its no different in Black Clover. The series is up and running for more than 150 episodes and new episode titles that were revealed not long ago tease that a new time skip could be on the way.

Perhaps the greatest occasion in the manga up to this point is the half year timeskip that occurred in the middle of the Reincarnation curve and the battle with the Spade Kingdom. While the anime has been investigating the time in the middle of these two gigantic adventures, another clump of episode titles could in all likelihood be prodding that this time skip will hit the anime soon just as one of the titles lines up with the timeskip chapter of the original manga.

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Down on Twitter, a user named @BCspoiler shared the titles of the following episodes, and the three impending episodes may introduce this time skip.

Black Clover episode 156 is titled of the arrangement is purportedly named “Awakening Power,”, episode 157 is “The Five Leaf Clover,” however the main new uncover accompanies episode 158 of the arrangement, “Dawn of Hope and Despair.” This title should be exceptionally natural to fans of the manga.

Photo: Studio Pierrot

This title of episode 158 is actually near to chapter 229 of the arrangement which is , “The Beginning of Hope and Despair.” This is a significant move in Yuki Tabata’s variant of the occasions is that it commences the battle with the Spade Kingdom in full. Without parting with something over the top, this chapter happens a half year after the entirety of the set up we are beginning to find in real life with the anime as Asta and a couple of select Magic Knights start their training with the Heart Kingdom.

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Yet rather than show this training, the creator of the series just set up for the training prior to pushing ahead into the returning with the Spade Kingdom. Despite the fact that this is surely no affirmation the time skip will occur in the anime as it could require some investment to lead into the fight, it would doubtlessly be greeting to fans.

Having the anime see each individual from the Clover Kingdom making way for the fight to come, it very well might take on the timeskip notwithstanding appearing as though it will do the opposite.

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