Black Clover Episode 164
Photo: Studio Pierrot

Yuki Tabata’s worldwide famous creation Black Clover is getting ready to launch its next fierce story arc, and the anime fandom is justifiably advertised for what’s to come. It helps that this progressing arc is perhaps the most foreseen to date. The Heart Kingdom bend is going to be going all out, and gratitude to another episode title, fans realize war is simply not too far off.

The exciting update came as of late when another episode for Black Clover appeared. The title for episode 164 was likewise imparted to fans, and it is telling. The name is in all honesty Battlefield: Heart Kingdom so you realize things are going to get genuine as it was shared by Twitter user @BCspoiler:

The episode will make its huge appearance following an epic one this week highlighting Yuno. The mage wound up on edge when his organization was assaulted by Heart Kingdom warriors. The realm and its dim wizards are prepared to cut down the Clover Kingdom no matter what. To do that, Yuno’s group was singled out in a trap as it is viewed as the most grounded in Clover, and Yuno laid into his adversaries in the wake of racing to help his companions.

Manga readers undoubtedly know how dreadful the Heart Kingdom can be, and the Clover Kingdom has never been completely quiet with the neighbor. Presently, Yuno and Asta will discover firsthand how solid the trespassers are. The Dark Triad are serious stuff, and the Spade Kingdom may be such a lot of help against them. A lot of that obligation will tumble to Asta, so you can wager the Black Bulls are outfitting in front of this approaching war.

Concerning how this arc will end, nobody’s entirely certain. Black Clover isn’t yet gotten done with the story in the manga as it just started under two years back. With the show making up for lost time to the manga, who knows how Black Clover will deal with its pacing pushing ahead, however the Hearts Kingdom arc could be altogether different on screen on account of this clashing step.

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