Black Clover Episode 161
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Yuki Tabata’s one of the latest few years’ most famous Shonen hits Black Clover has just left Yuno on a lamentable cliffhanger with the most up to date episode of the anime.

The anime is presently clearing its path through the fan most loved Spade Kingdom curve, and the Spade Kingdom has taken their first forceful action by attacking the Clover Kingdom and assaulting the Golden Dawn. At the point when we had last seen the Golden Dawn, they were battling against the three Spade Kingdom Devil power has in spite of being the top Magic Knight organization in the realm. Indeed, even as Yuno showed up to help, the new episode explained that the Clover Kingdom knights are out of sight their profundity this time.

The past cliffhanger of the Black Clover anime saw Xenon of the Dark Triad assaulting the Golden Dawn’s base, and it prodded that we’d consider Yuno’s to be genuine test as the Vice Captain. Yet, subsequent to seeing the huge hole in force among Yuno and the Spade Kingdom’s contenders, the finish of Episode 161 of the series sees the Golden Dawn and Yuno at a considerably more broken state than previously.

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In the wake of discovering that he has an immediate association with Spade Kingdom sovereignty and is that realm’s missing ruler, Yuno has been tossed into a twisting. Be that as it may, he can’t allow this news to sit for long as he battles to shield his kindred Golden Dawn knights from Xenon and the other two Spade Kingdom warriors. Yuno figures out how to bring down the other two contenders with some assistance from the others, yet they’re basically debilitated.

Actually, Yuno wouldn’t be a decent counterpart for Xenon’s bone sorcery in great conditions, so this is the most exceedingly terrible cooperation conceivable as a debilitated Yuno is currently coordinate for Xenon’s mind-boggling power. Indeed, he almost executes Yuno alongside every other person in the Golden Dawn. If not for Vangeance’s wizardry tree powers kicking in before long, Yuno would have through and through lost his life.

Black Clover Episode 161st ending at that point affirms the more awful for Yuno in light of the fact that while Vangeance’s sorcery had saved him, Vangeance himself has been taken by the Spade Kingdom. The Golden Dawn has lost some of their positions in the battle, and Yuno himself is squashed by exactly how powerless he was contrasted with this villain have.

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