Photo: Shueisha

Black Clover has been centered around Asta’s excursion since the series started, and there is a lot of confusion surrounding the kid. As you can imagine, his family has been a central issue given Asta’s vagrant status, yet the anime started tackling part of that puzzle before its finale.

What’s more, with its last scene, Black Clover fans were at last determined what happened to Asta’s mother. The disclosure was made in the final episode of Black Clover recently. Fans watched an extraordinary flashback succession that followed Liebe as he started holding with Richita, the young lady who had to surrender Asta after he was conceived.

Her odd magic-stealing powers made Richita an outsider, however, her revelation of Liebe allowed her to explore her maternal nature. For a significant part of the time, Liebe and Richita carried on with a decent life, however, things changed when Lucifero learned that the little boy was a devil. The villain made it clear he needed to use Liebe as a vessel, yet Richita would not allow it to happen.

Eventually, Asta’s mother gave her life to protect Liebe from Lucifero as she tore the transcending demon from her embraced child’s body. Also, not long before she passed on, Richita fixed Liebe into a five-leaf grimoire to shield him from Lucifero. Presently, Asta uses the book his mom sealed Liebe in, and the devil has come to recognize the kid as Richita’s tragically missing child.