Black Clover Episode 154

Black Clover anime has always managed to amaze fans with the stunning animation, great fight scenes and the latest episode was no different. İt showed us an astounding fight scene between Yuno and Langris Vaude and fans were totally impressed. The anime has shown us the Clover Kingdom start their arrangements for the forthcoming battle against the Spade Kingdom, and some portion of this planning has been to advance the individuals who battled during the Reincarnation arc of the arrangement. Be that as it may, as Yuno keeps increasing his rank, one character who has not valued Yuno’s speedy ascent to progress has been Langris Vaude. Langris has been managing his own reservations since being controlled by one of the mythical people, and this all happened in the most up to date episode of the anime.

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Black Clover anime’s most recent episode is the 154th one that went live earlier this week and it is centered around how Langris has been feeling since being taken over during the Reincarnation arc, and his sensations of mediocrity to individuals like Yuno and his sibling Finral have made him leave the Golden Dawn. Be that as it may, as an exit plan, he decided to battle against Yuno for the option to remain in the crew. Yuno wins, yet it was truly a route for Langris to take a break and find himself for some time.

Presently the anime is designing to prepare for this enormous showdown against the Spade Kingdom, and as fans have seen up until now, there’s time being placed into building up where and how our number one characters will get ready for the battle to come.

Well, the anime hasn’t loose on its shrubs, nonetheless, as fans have been only intrigued with a portion of the episodes of late that have brought these more modest fights like this one among Yuno and Langris to life in a startlingly liquid manner. While fans may have at first detested the possibility of the anime committing this time for a training arc, episodes like this may assist fans with staying.

Black Clover Epısode 154 was released on December 1, 2020. You can watch the series by following this link!

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