Black Clover New Arc
Photo Credit: Studio Pierrot

Black Clover anime is one of the the latest few years’ biggest shonen hits and the series deserves all the attention it gets from the anime fandom.

Black Clover has managed to become as one of the most well known shonen series in Japan on account of characters like the series’ main protagonist Asta and Yuno. Nowadays, the pair are occupied with leaving on another arcc that the staff behind the anime is helming without anyone else. Also, a brand new update shows that the series is getting ready to drop the new arc.

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The news from came from a trustworthy source as chief Tatsuya Yoshihara gave to the fans. He took to Twitter to thank the entirety of his devotees for getting him to another achievement. It was there Yoshihara drew a fast sketch of Asta and dropped a little note about the anime’s up and coming arc.

The note he wrote said the following:

“Thank you for getting me to 30,000 followers! Black Clover‘s original anime arc will be more exciting from here on out. Please look forward to training from the leaders and Spirit Guards,” 

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Fans were disclosed to Black Clover would investigate the original arc not long ago, and it came as meager amazement. The anime has been gradually infringing on the Black Clover manga, so the arrangement needs an impermanent cushion. While the manga advances further beyond, the anime will invest energy on this training arc which its arrangement maker helped formed.

Black Clover manga’s most recent chapter was released on October 16.

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