One Black Clover fan uncovered an epic behind the scenes at their work on the anime’s last episode! Astonishing fans all over, Black Clover reported it would have been finishing its anime series after a long and solid run of 140 episodes.

Reaching an end authoritatively recently, the last episode of the series saw Asta taking on Satan in his grimmoire as a feature of the puzzling Devil-Binding Ritual to make himself more grounded with a full fiend change. This prompted one last fight for the anime generally speaking as Asta put it all out there. With the anime known by fans for going all out for a large number of its significant battle scenes when the last scene wrapped, the battle between Asta and his fallen angel Liebe was the same as Asta was stuck battling against his villain with just one arm.

Not just that, Liebe had full control of the blades inside his grimmoire also so it was an appropriate trial of solidarity and will for Asta in various manners. Presently creator and artist on the series, Sanguinii on Reddit shared a cool glance at a portion of the key movements they accomplished for this battle. Black Clover’s anime series may have reached an end, however fortunately it has effectively been affirmed that the establishment will proceed.

But instead, then get from where the finale left off with a fresh brand new series, the establishment will be delivering its first film later on. A release window or date presently can’t seem to be set for this new film, nor have there been any story or staff subtleties uncovered, yet it’s actually exciting to see the series proceed with a spic and span section after its solid TV run.