Asta's family in danger
Photo: Studio Pierrot

For the series’ final arc, Black Clover has already begun one of Asta’s biggest battles, and the series’ most recent manga chapter’s cliffhanger has definitely put his family in danger.

Suddenly, Lucius Zogratis ordered the brainwashed Sister Lily Paladin there to destroy the nation before they came in the way of his ultimate goals. Asta had been in the middle of his final training arc for the series in the Land of the Sun trying to acquire the new Zetten technique. Asta, however, would have to go up against her as a result of this.

Asta was forced to confront the brainwashed Sister Lily after the previous episode of the series revealed that he had finally figured out how to employ the new Zetten technique. The concluding scenes of the series’ current run hint that Asta has struck a strike that might either save Sister Lily or, if it didn’t land precisely as intended, could kill her as the newest chapter of the series begins the war between the two of them.

Shortly after reconciling with Sister Lily, chapter 349 of Black Clover begins, and it is instantly apparent to him that despite her protestations, the true Sister Lily is still present within her indoctrinated mind. The last few lines of the chapter see Asta using the Zetten technique to stop her after realizing that he must do something to stop her. With Zetten’s help, he has a very good chance of succeeding in freeing her from Lucius’ influence.

Asta’s form of Zetten, as it was stated, operates as a counter and cuts through the magic itself, maybe saving Sister Lily. Asta might be able to restore her to normality if she is able to break free from Lucius’ magical hold over her. Zetten hasn’t shown to be fully fatal, therefore Asta’s use of it might be the maneuver that swings the Judgment Day conflict back in his favor before his showdown with Lucius.

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There is a strong probability that Asta will be able to save Sister Lily using his new technique, since he promises to save her. It was discovered that his Zetten completely cuts through magic, and this might be the only method to break the magic that is now brainwashing Lily.

Black Clover is a Japanese manga series created by the famous Yūki Tabata. Black Clover has been serialized in Shueisha’s shōnen manga magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump since February 2015, with its chapters gathered in 32 tankōbon volumes as of April 2022.

In North America, the manga is authorized for English delivery by Viz Media, while the anime series is authorized by Crunchyroll and Funimation.

Black Clover anime TV arrangement variation created by Pierrot debuted in Japan on TV Tokyo in October 2017.

The story bases on Asta, a little fellow apparently conceived with no sorcery power, something that is obscure on the planet he lives in. With his individual mages from the Black Bulls, Asta plans to turn into the following Wizard King.

You can watch the Black Clover anime by following the link on Crunchyroll!

You can read the Black Clover manga by following the link on Viz Media!

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