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Black Clover has authoritatively started a unique arc for the anime with the most current episode and has presented the main enemy going ahead with another enemy of the fiend bunch known as the Devil Banishers. The anime has started a totally new arc to fill in a greater amount of the holes left by arrangement creator Yuki Tabata’s unique recounting the story in the manga.

The anime will be spreading out into another sort of contention. A significant number of the adversaries so far have been ones that Asta and the others could basically overwhelm to vanquish, however that won’t be the situation with the new arc commencing in Episode 142 of the series.

Episode 142 sets up this is the half-year preparing period before the Spade Kingdom’s attack and sees a debilitated Clover Kingdom wrestling with what to do. Be that as it may, while we have perceived how the Magic Knights reacted to the pulverization of the Clover Kingdom during the Eye of the Midnight Sun and Elves‘ attack.

Black Clover Anime İntroduces New Anti-Devil Group
Photo Credit: Studio Pierrot

The scene acquaints us with a little gathering of individuals who have mana, however, it’s not even close to enough to be noteworthy in battles. With their homes and families completely obliterated from the Elf attack, they direct their concentration toward the Devil that caused the entirety of their issues. Before long they structure the Devil Banishers, who proceed to capture Marie and Nero for their association in the past battle with the Devil. They were going to catch Asta as well, yet Noelle figured out how to spare him in time.

He’s not looking so incredible, in any case, as one of the Devil Banishers’ narcotics in a split second thumped him oblivious. Black Clover regularly doesn’t set aside the effort to inhale and truly sink in how horrendous a portion of these fights can be, so the anime is by and by reminding fans that the Clover Kingdom has its a lot of non-battling residents who feel some path about what befell their nation.