Berserk follows the unforgiving story of the Band of the Hawk, a youthful gathering of hired soldiers battling in a middle-age dream setting, with the spotlight sparkling directly on three specific people in Guts, Griffith, and Casca.

Fans are hypothesizing exactly what the following huge announcement for the franchise maybe with a social media present driving numerous on trust it may be a new anime! With the previous two seasons of the anime occurring following the “Brilliant Age Arc“, a long flashback succession that took us through the dark moments of the Black Swordsman’s life.

While a third season hasn’t been affirmed, it is totally conceivable this “huge announcement”, that will be uncovered by means of the magazine that as of now distributes the dark story in Young Animal one month from now. It is additionally altogether conceivable that another anime arrangement may be retelling the aggregate of Berserk, with the advancement posting the announcement as A New Beginning, and indicating pictures from the Golden Age Arc of the arrangement manga.

Crazy fans have been standing by a long time to perceive how the story among Guts and his previous companion Griffith reaches a conclusion, with the manga running throughout recent decades from mangaka Kentaro Miura.