BanG Dream!
Photo Credit: BanG Dream! Anime's Site

BanG Dream! anime‘s official website declared on Monday that the establishment is getting another anime film titled BanG Dream! FILM LIVE second Stage.

The site uncovered a mystery visual for the film.

Photo Credit: BanG Dream! Anime’s Site

The BanG Dream! FILM LIVE anime film opened in 56 performance centers in Japan on September 13.

The film had earned in excess of 300 million yen (around US$2.75 million) at the Japanese film industry as of October 27. Sanzigen animated film, and Bushiroad dispersed the film.

BanG Dream!, is a Japanese music media establishment made in January 2015 by Bushiroad, with unique story by Kō Nakamura and unique character structures by Hitowa. It comprises of the musical croup Poppin’Party, which was shaped in February 2015, music CDs, live shows, games, numerous manga, different anime TV arrangement, and a versatile musicality game called BanG Dream! Young ladies Band Party! by designer Craft Egg for iOS and Android.

After the underlying making of Poppin’Party in 2015, new groups went to the establishment in 2017 with the dispatch of the versatile game: Afterglow, Pastel*Palettes, Roselia, and Hello, Happy World!. Toward the finish of 2018, a reinforcement band called The Third was renamed to RAISE A SUILEN, with its individuals depicting new characters. A seventh band called Morfonica was presented in 2020. Poppin’Party, Roselia, RAISE A SUILEN, and Morfonica’s individuals proceed as their own band.

The anime as of now comprises of three seasons. The principal season, delivered by Issen (OLM with Bushiroad) and Xebec, publicized from January to April 2017. Second and third seasons, both created by Sanzigen, were communicated in 2019 and 2020, individually. Branch off anime arrangement incorporate BanG Dream! Young ladies Band Party! ☆ PICO by Sanzigen with DMM.futureworks and Pastel Life by Studio A-Cat.

Sentai Filmworks portrays the story of the anime’s first season:

”When she was a child, Kasumi Toyama (played by Poppin’ Party’s lead singer, Aimi) felt a heart-pounding thrill every time she gazed at the stars, and she’s been looking without success for something that could inspire the same feeling ever since. One day, she comes across a star-shaped guitar in a rundown pawnshop and, for the first time, discovers the thrill she’s been searching for. Kasumi becomes determined to form an all-girl band, and her search leads her to four like-minded souls: Saya, Arisa, Rimi, and Tae (all brought to life by the members of Poppin’ Party). Does this band have what it takes to make their dreams of stardom come true?”