Attack on Titan Chapter 133
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Warning!!! The article contains huge spoilers from Attack on Titan chapter 133! Avoid this article if you haven’t read the manga!!!

Hajime Isayama’s creation Attack on Titan has gone a lot since the beginning, with the manga having more than 130 mindboggling chapters up managed to shock fans’ with the story that has a pretty dynamic flow.

The manga‘s most recent chapter which is the 133rd one was released officially on October 9th and it didn’t simply highlight the Survey Corps proceeding with their journey to bring down the antagonist Eren Yeager following his crazy intend to dispose of anybody that doesn’t have Eldian blood going through their veins, it additionally gave us Eren’s companions defying him and hearing Eren’s promise regarding the Rumbling.

The Rumbling is the releasing of the Titans inside the huge walls that initially kept the Eldians under wraps, with the floods of giants as of now stepping the country over of Marley and slaughtering scores of both Marleyian warriors and honest regular people in Eren’s road to end the long running war.

Having the Survey Corps on board at an aircraft to attempt to stop Eren’s distraught arrangement to change the world, they are defied by Jaeger on a psychological scene that he can drag them all into. With Eren’s capacity of the Founding Titan, he presently can control any Titan on the planet, including those of his companions that right now harbor the intensity of the Titans. As Eren clarifies, he isn’t assuming responsibility for his companions since he would not like to steal their freedom, taking note of that in the event that they need to stop him, they should murder him.

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The Survey Corps members try to tell Eren that if he somehow happened to stop the Rumbling now, the war could in any case end and a truce might be marked, stopping the savagery made from the two sides. Shockingly, Yeager isn’t having it and clarifies that he won’t stop the Rumbling as long as he is alive, separating the way that the best way to stop it is by endeavoring to stop Eren forcibly.

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With the intensity of the Founding Titan, the soul of the main Titan in Ymir presently lives in Eren and he moves toward his companions as a youngster himself close by Ymir’s more youthful structure. Confronted with this final proposal, it appears to be that the main way the Survey Corps will have the option to stop Eren is by murdering him.

Attack on Titan chapter 134 is to release on November 9.

Attack on Titan: The Final Season is scheduled to premiere on December 7th.