Yelena is an apparently harmless character in Attack on Titan‘s last season, yet could she really introduce an undeniable danger? The last season of Attack on Titan is beginning to work towards something important we’re simply not certain what precisely that is yet. In any case, one thing has gotten clear. As of Season 4, Episode 12, guides, Yelena is just not what she appears.

From the outset, she appeared to be a foundation character absent a lot of individual inspiration in the anime, however, this most recent scene uncovers not just that she has something persuading her, but at the same time she’s been conspiring to accomplish it. What makes Yelena so risky and what might this miscreant in-the-production actually be arranging? The main significant admonition sign is the way that she met with Eren preceding the Marley attack unbeknownst to the remainder of the Scouts or the public authority as a rule. She just gives up this data to Commander Pyxis on the grounds that the lamentable mission in Marley is finished.

This decision puts every last bit of her kindred volunteers in danger, as they’re presently under doubt with respect to whether they were engaged with the mission against Marley or not. Yelena concedes this reality, however she must’ve realized that her decisions would influence her companions something she appears generally unbothered by. Later in the scene, Hange uncovers that Yelena has set volunteers in subtle positions in places like cafés. Hange is questionable of her aims and it’s reasonable why. After the besieging of the Premier, who can say for sure what other public scenes are helpless?

It’s hard not to interface the bombarding and Yelena’s unusual position of the volunteers. Could they plot comparative occasions openly spaces to stand out enough to be noticed and the most setbacks? It’s additionally important that Yelena has straightforwardly conceded her fixation on Zeke Yeager. Her worship for him alone is a thing to be dreaded.

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The Jeagerists are a certain something; faithful to Eren as the deliverer of Paradis and Eldia. However, Yelena sees Zeke as some sort of god and is totally committed to him in the exacting feeling of the word. Fixation can drive individuals, as Yelena, to do things they regularly wouldn’t do, paying little heed to discernment, particularly on the off chance that it additionally implies her set of experiences of mistreatment can by one way or another be reclaimed. Leader Pyxis is dubious as well, particularly since he realizes she met with Eren in mystery to possibly plot the Marley intrusion.

He knows she’s maintaining her mysteries under a tight top, however right now, there isn’t anything to do with the exception of sit back and watch how her series unfurl except if he or Hange can begin to see her example. Yelena has nothing to lose and everything to acquire in the present circumstance, which is maybe why she chipped in any case to join Paradis’s side. Everything is reaching a crucial stage at the same time in Attack on Titan‘s conclusive and it’s simple for Yelena to become mixed up in the bedlam. In any case, the Scouts ought to be focusing harder on her, particularly since she’s organized the volunteers into what may be key positions all over the region.

Despite the fact that the Jaegerists have now been advanced, Yelena appears to be some way or another detached from them, as confirmed by her not being there to welcome Eren upon his jailbreak. What we cannot deny is that her thought processes lay someplace close to Zeke’s, and she might actually be the most hazardous individual for him to adjust himself to thinking about how profoundly she loves him. Yelena has been sneaking around the edges of Season 4 up until now yet plainly, she has something at her disposal that is gradually happening as intended. She’s tranquil, deferential, and fair, which makes it difficult for the Scouts to name her as dangerous.