Attack on Titan Chapter 138
Photo: Studio MAPPA

Attack on Titan is currently pushing forward with its last as its arranged by the worldwide famous author Hajime İsayama, yet fans are still too bustling adapting to its penultimate manga chapter. The large update left fans in tears as they observed a portion of their number one leads lose their lives out of the blue. What’s more, to make things substantially more troublesome, the manga allowed two closest companions to bid farewell despite death.

The beginning of this new chapter started on a high note, there was no real way to realize how the update would end. Eren has become the genuine villain of humankind as he figured out how to live through Armin’s assault, and he was not prepared to end the Rumbling at this time. To cause bedlam, Eren settled on the condemning choice to transform all the refugee Eldians into unadulterated Titans in an offer for power, and that prompted the deaths of Connie and Jean.

Both of them were transformed into Titans by the chapter’s end alongside other legends like Gabi. Not long before the pair were turned, Jean and Connie showed some care to-heart realizing their demise was impending. So as you can envision, their last words hurt a considerable amount.

Connie tells Jean the following:

“So this is how it ends for us,” and Connie notes prior to revealing to Jean their responsibility to save humankind started years prior whenever they were brought into the Survey Corps.

“You know, this is all your fault, right?

Following this dismal talk, Jean and Connie were left to meet their destiny. Eren’s last stand transformed his companions into unadulterated Titans, and it appears there is no retreat the choice. As you can envision, Attack on Titan fans are trusting the troopers will be turned around into people before the finale wraps, yet their last discussion in any event provides a sense of finality to each one of those in stun over their demises.

Attack on Titan: The Final Season anime debuted on December 7, 2020.

You can watch the anime by following the link! – via Crunchyroll

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The fourth season of the anime is listed with 16 episodes.

The opening theme song ”My War” is performed by Shinsei Kamattechan.

The ending theme song ”Shock” is performed by Yūko Andō.

The anime’s fourth season is portrayed by Crunchyroll as following:

“It’s been four years since the Scout Regiment reached the shoreline, and the world looks different now. Things are heating up as the fate of the Scout Regiment—and the people of Paradis—are determined at last. However, Eren is missing. Will he reappear before age-old tensions between Marleyans and Eldians result in the war of all wars?”

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The anime’s staff includes:

  • Yuichiro Hayashi as the Director
  • Hiroshi Seko as the Script Supervisor
  • Tomohiro Kishi as the Character Designer
  • Hiroyuki Sawano and Kohta Yamamoto as Music Composers
  • Shūhei Yabuta also joins the CGI Staff
  • Takahiro Uezono as the 3DCG Director
  • Animation Studio: MAPPA

The series is available on Crunchyroll, Funimation, AnimeLab and Aniplus Asia as well.

Attack on Titan manga chapter was released on February 9th in Japan.

Attack on Titan is a Japanese manga arrangement composed and represented by Hajime Isayama.

Attack on Titan has become a basic and business achievement. As of December 2019, the manga has more than 100 million tankōbon duplicates on paper around the world, making it extraordinary compared to other selling manga arrangements, time.

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