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Every one of the Nine Titans has a remarkable force yet not every one of them is similarly solid, particularly if their client isn’t so incredible. There are numerous amazing characters in Attack on Titan, with the absolute most grounded being titans themselves. Despite the fact that there are numerous typical and unusual titans, there are just nine shifters. Nonetheless, as one can just a short time subsequent to turning into a shifter, fans have seen a significant number of their number 1 characters acquire another’s capacities.

Every one of the Nine Titans has a special force however not every one of them is similarly solid, particularly if their user isn’t unreasonably incredible.

9. Cart Titan:

Attack on Titan: The "Nine Titans" Listed by Weak To Most Powerful
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The Cart Titan is the most un-amazing of the Nine Titans. Pieck has been the main known client of the Cart Titan. She is generally used by Marley to convey weapons, which she uses when battling instead of using her titan. Because of how quick she will be, she has spared her confidants on different occasions as they were almost executed.

8. Jaw Titan:

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The Jaw Titan is the quickest of the Nine Titans and assaults its adversaries with its staggeringly sharp teeth. There have been four known clients of the Jaw Titan. Marcel should join Reiner, Bertholdt, and Annie when they separated the dividers of Paradis. In any case, Ymir ate him on their excursion and picked up his forces. Ymir was the Jaw Titan for most of the arrangement, however, she stayed quiet about her capacities until she expected to spare Historia. Subsequent to biting the dust, Marcel’s sibling, Porco, acquired the titan and educated the subtleties of how Marcel passed on. The latest user of the Jaw Titan is Falco. Every one of them has used the Jaw Titan distinctively and some were more grounded than others. Nonetheless, the Jaw Titan has consistently been one of the most vulnerable in the group.

7. Colossal Titan:

Attack on Titan: The "Nine Titans" Listed by Weak To Most Powerful
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The Colossal Titan may have appeared as though humankind’s greatest danger when the arrangement started. Nonetheless, the majority of different titans have demonstrated to be more grounded. Despite the fact that he is the greatest of all, he is additionally the slowest. He can control his steam and cause blasts to thump adversaries back or murder them. Bertholdt and Armin have both used the Colossal Titan. Because of Bertholdt’s absence of activity and Armin once in a while using his powers, fans haven’t seen the Colossal Titan battle as much as the vast majority of the other Nine Titans, despite the fact that he was the first appeared in the arrangement.

6. Female Titan:

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The primary fundamental opponent of the arrangement was the Female Titan. She can gather ordinary and strange titans into a fight, which is in what manner or ability a considerable lot of them got into Shiganshina. Annie is the main known client of the Female Titan and she battled well against her previous confidants. To spare herself, she used her solidifying capacities to remain within a precious stone for quite a long time. Subsequent to being delivered, Annie turned out to be powerless and concluded that she would prefer not to battle. In any case, she might be the one to spare mankind as fans have discovered that she has not yet flaunted every last bit of her powers.

5. War Hammer Titan:

Attack on Titan: The "Nine Titans" Listed by Weak To Most Powerful
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The remainder of the Nine Titans to show up in the arrangement was the War Hammer Titan, just being appeared in the manga and the trailer for the fourth period of the anime. The Tybur family had controlled the War Hammer Titan for quite a long time secretly which of the individuals really had its strengths. While finding who the client was, Eren ate her, acquiring significantly a greater number of capacities than he previously had. In spite of battling great, fans saw almost no of the War Hammer Titan’s power.

4. Beast Titan:

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Regardless of being one of the primary foes for most of the arrangements, almost no is really thought about the Beast Titan. Zeke and Tom had both had the Beast Titan however used their powers in various manners from each other. Zeke’s Beast Titan was extraordinarily incredible because of him being an individual from the Fritz family. In contrast to him, Tom wasn’t a warrior and little is thought about his powers.

3. Armored Titan:

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Reiner’s Armored Titan is the most remarkable as far as actual quality because of his skin securing him. It is exceptionally hard for Reiner to be harmed contrasted with the other Nine Titans as he fills in as his own shield. He drove Bertholdt and Annie after Marcel passed on and got probably the best officer in the 104th Cadet Corps. Be that as it may, when he uncovered his personality, he got probably the best adversary until he went along with them to spare the world from Eren’s fury.

2. Attack Titan:

Attack on Titan: The "Nine Titans" Listed by Weak To Most Powerful
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The first legend of the arrangement has become its most prominent rival. At the point when Eren first discovered that he got the powers of the Attack Titan, he helped his companions and got one of the main individuals from the Survey Corps. Nonetheless, because of the Attack Titan’s capabilities to not just observe his archetype’s recollections like the other Nine Titans yet additionally investigate the future, Eren used the Attack Titan to pulverize the world that denied him his opportunity, knowing all that he’d need to do to make his objective reality. When investigating the Attack Titan’s past, Eren discovered that his dad, Grisha, and a Marley official, Eren Kruger, had seldom used their powers regardless of winning the fights they battled in.

1. Founding Titan:

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Grisha and Eren Yeager controlled the Founding Titan close by the Attack Titan. For ages, the Founding Titan was used by people from the Fritz family. The Founding Titan can control the entirety of the Eldians, which the regal family used by changing their resident’s recollections. They could likewise control the Eldians’ bodies and cause the titans to do anything they desired. Before he kicked the bucket due to having the Attack Titan’s powers for a very long time, Grisha ate Frieda Fritz and passed the Founding Titan to his child. Because of how much force the Founding Titan has, it is the most grounded of all.

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  1. This list is horrible. Absolutely wretchedly incorrect. The fact that the Colossal Titan isn’t 2nd or 3rd strongest is embarrassing.

    Also, why the Warhammer in 5th?? Eren BARELY beat the Warhammer. How can anyone logically conclude that the Female or Armour Titans are stronger than Warhammer? Also, take note that Eren was only able to beat the Warhammer because he used the Jaw, lmao. He didn’t do it with his own strength.

    Let me fix this horrible list for you.

    1. Founding (simply for the fact that they are the Founder)
    2. Attack
    3. Colossal
    4. Warhammer
    5. Armour
    6. Beast
    7. Female
    8. Jaw
    9. Cart