Attack on Titan: The Final Season
Photo Credit: Studio MAPPA

The anime adaptation of Hajime İsayama’s worldwide famous Attack on Titan is getting ready to make its huge premiere with its fourth and final season the next month and the franchise recently released the first TV spot! Check it out below:

Despite the fact that the debut of this fourth season is moving ever nearer, fans have not seen a great deal of the genuine anime itself through special materials. Outside of the introduction trailer for the season delivered not long ago, fans have been interested with regards to how this new season is getting down to business.

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Showing a little look into the last season of the arrangement, the TV spot prods a large part of the action coming in the huge last arc of the anime, nonetheless, shockingly it doesn’t offer much as far as spic and span footage for the season right now.

Attack on Titan: The Final Season anime is scheduled to premiere on December 7, 2020.

Attack on Titan manga’s most recent chapter which is the 134th one was released on November 9,2020.

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