Attack on Titan Teases Eren vs Reiner Rematch
Photo: Studio MAPPA

The battle among Marley and the Children of Ymir has warmed up in the most recent episodes of Attack on Titan, as Eren Jaeger has released the full force of the Attack Titan, and the finish of the new portion implies that a major re-coordinate among Eren and Reiner, the Armored Titan, is going to occur.

The attack on Marley started with a blood-chilling get-together among Reiner and Eren, as the last invested energy disclosing his present status to the Armored Titan and along these lines starting the battle against the country that has caused Jaeger’s kin such a lot of torment consistently. The Survey Corps’ attack on Marley has been going particularly well, shockingly, with Eren not just figuring out how to overcome the War Hammer Titan, however really having the option to retain the force unusually by smashing the individual from the Tybur family in the jaws of the Jaw Titan.

With Eren and his kindred officers overcoming the Beast Titan, Jaw Titan, Cart Titan, and War Hammer Titan, the country of Marley is in a predicament and it appears as though the one in particular who will have the option to put a stop to Jaeger’s frenzy is Reiner, who might not have any desire to try and be alive now! The last snapshots of the most recent scene of Attack On Titan’s anime, indicating that Eren and Reiner are going to have their hotly anticipated re-coordinate after their fight that occurred in the last battles of the third period of the series:

Reiner isn’t in a decent headspace right now, scarcely getting a hold of himself as he didn’t need anything more than to kick the bucket following Eren’s huge uncover. Fortunately for Marley, Gabi and Falco had the option to wake up him from his downturn and it appears as though the Armored Titan will endeavor to bring down the Attack Titan, who now not just has the Founding Titan’s force bobbing around in his form, yet additionally the War Hammer Titan’s crazy powers.