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One of the Fall 2020 anime season’s most anticipated anime series Attack on Titan with its fourth and final season is currently in progress, yet fans still can’t seem to perceive any of the fan top picks from the series initial three seasons.

It’s been a long time in this world since the hero Eren Yeager and different individuals from the Survey Corps arrived at the sea toward the finish of the third season, and the fourth season has commenced by presenting the internal operations of the nation on the opposite side of the sea as opposed to rejoining fans with more established countenances.

Attack on Titan season 4 just released the second episode the past weekend and it undoubtedly investigated a greater amount of the new characters presented in the Marley side of this contention with the debut episode, it appears to be that there was likewise a concise appearance from a more established Eren Yeager also. Peruse on underneath to see a greater amount of Eren’s appearance, yet be cautioned that it is a significant spoiler for a major uncover to come this season.

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The anime’s latest episode sees Falco Grice moving toward a gathering of previous Eldian warriors who have been broken by the war.

Photo: MAPPA
Photo: MAPPA

He winds up aiding somebody who has lost their leg in the battle, and their face is covered with gauzes so you don’t get a full gander at what their identity is. This isn’t apparently overly significant, yet this is really the first run through the fourth season has uncovered Eren himself.

Similarly as fans had recently recognized Eren’s character plan for the fourth and last season, this first glance at Eren is entirely different than fans had anticipated. This is important for a lot more stupendous plan. This arrangement will uncover itself throughout the new season’s following episodes, yet it will be somewhat more investigation of Marley and setting up this side of the contention before we see Eren make a move.

Attack on Titan: The Final Season anime debuted on December 7, 2020. You can watch the anime by following the link!Crunchyroll

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