Attack on Titan Reveals Eren and Zeke's Plan to Save Their People
Photo: Studio MAPPA

Attack on Titan final season’s episode 68 uncovers that Zeke had really assisted with shaping a little enemy of Marleyan rebel bunch inside the Marley military. With their definitive objective being to free the Eldian individuals in the two territories.

This group advanced toward Paradis with the objective of conveying a message from Zeke about a possible intend to help them all. He uncovers in a letter that piece of his series includes the Founding Titan’s force and his regal blood, and despite the fact that he retains basic insights concerning the actual series Eren sorts out that he intends to awaken the Titans inside the dividers and enact the thundering as an approach to get around the promise to keep away from war.

With Zeke’s fantastic series currently being uncovered thusly, it appears as though it will be an end-all sort of move for Eldia should they need it in the coming battle.