attack on titan season 4 episode 16
Photo: MAPPA

Attack on Titan is nearly finished with its fourth season as far as we might be concerned, and some intense stuff just went down this previous end of the week. Following a delay a week ago, the anime hit up fans with 2 episodes for one week with episodes 73 and 74.

The updates shared a great deal of succulent data about Eren’s dark turn, however, things reached a head when the finish of episode 74 teased two significant passings. The entire thing sprung up after Levi and Zeke started their epic fight in the backwoods. The last transformed the entirety of Levi’s men into Titans after they accidentally ingested wine containing his spinal liquid. Levi had to winnow them all in an offer to prevent Zeke from rejoining with Eren, and it seemed like he succeeded.

All things considered, Zeke was skewered through the mid-region by a Thunder Spear, yet things got ugly eventually. The scene shut with a cliffhanger among Levi and Zeke after the last decided to go out in a blast of magnificence. The men figured out how to explode the Thunder Spear stopped in his guts, and it went off with a bang.

Levi was trapped in the explosion and sent flying while Zeke was torn into two parts. The shocking scene stunned many given how brutal it was, and fans aren’t sure either warrior endure the impact. Levi may have lived, yet Zeke was torn in two.