Attack on Titan Episode 62 Preview
Photo: WIT Studio

The fourth and final season of Attack on Titan proceeds, the following episode is ready to bring back two exemplary enemies into the overlap: Annie and Kenny. The teaser for Episode 62, titled “The Door of Hope,” follows Reiner as he returns to the kingdom of Marley.

As the fighter wrestles with ongoing events, he reviews his military preparation since early on. Annie and Kenny are both considered alive to be well as Reiner thinks about where his life has taken him.

Annie was uncovered to be a female Titan that invaded the Military Police Brigade during the main season. Acquiring the abilities of the Power Titan, Annie escaped traps and defied Eren Yeager prior to taking shape herself to keep away from cross-examination with her present status obscure in the anime.

Kenny was a human chronic executioner that threatened Mitras, focusing on the Military Police Brigade by following them and cutting their throats prior to being murdered toward the finish of Season 3.

Given Kenny’s dying and the intelligent idea of the scene, the two villains probably just show up in a flashback limit as Reiner thinks back on his life as the area of the remainder of the Nine Titans has been found.

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