Attack on Titan Malaysia censored
Photo: Studio MAPPA

Attack on Titan is no more odd to discussion, and it keeps on raising discussion right up ’til now. Regardless of whether it is over violence or political issues, the hit Kodansha series is incredibly acceptable at mixing the pot, so a few censors have taken a stab at treating the story.

Presently, it appears Attack on Titan is becoming a web sensation because of one of its control endeavors, and it has perusers peering toward Malaysia is great fun. The entire experience became known when Twitter user WallyyTheGreat imparted a post to fans. The user posted a brisk shot of the Attack on Titan manga in Malaysia.

It was there fans could see the conspicuous restriction that was layered over the story, and well you can see with your own eyes underneath. The manga is blue-penciled here. To keep alienate the Titans from nudity, it turns out this distributor chose to conceal the monsters with tight shorts.

In the shot over, the Attack and War Hammer Titans are indicated wearing garments. It turns out the Colossal Titan and others were given this equivalent treatment, so the writing is on the wall. Clearly, this revelation has turned into a web sensation with netizens, yet local people say not all of Attack on Titan is this blue-penciled in Malaysia. It turns out different distributers of the manga didn’t add this apparel abroad, however the one spotted by WallyyTheGreat did.