Attack on Titan Chapter 133
Photo Credit: Wit Studio, MAPPA

Warning!!! The article contains huge spoilers from Attack on Titan chapter 133! Avoid this article if you haven’t read the manga!!!

Attack on Titan is getting to ready to wrap the story soon enough as the creator of the series Hajime Isayama confirmed that the series doesn’t have a long way to go as the series have only %5 percent left.

The series has consistently been a strained arrangement, and that has just gotten more clear in the most recent year. The creator has not avoided the abhorrences of battle with this arrangement, and it appears to be that subject is going to be additionally investigated. All things considered, the last battle of Attack on Titan is here, and it vows to be one of the most stunning in late memory.

Attack on Titan manga’s 133rd chapter had a huge update about the war. It was there fans were taken back to the series’ current antagonist Eren Yeager guaranteed his companions that war was in transit. Not even Mikasa or Armin could influence the kid from his terrible was, also, that got obvious by the part’s end.

The manga’s most recent chapter found some conclusion with an enormous cliffhanger. The scene happened with Eren as the Founding Titan driving his multitude of Colossal Titans over Marley. Up until this point, the army has slaughtered hundreds if not thousands on their walk to the capital, and Eren feels no regret. Yet, from the sky, fans looked as aircrafts from Marley came to battle the Titans.

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The chapters final page closes with flavor text affirming that “as the end approaches, total war begins.” There is no all the more mixing up the fate of Isayama’s story. War will end this blood-torn arrangement, and it will be ruthless.

All things considered, the young Yeager advised his companions the best way to stop the Rumbling was by his death. He is either hoping to be murdered or wanting to trap his companions into a hard and fast attack. In any case, Eren has no plans on preventing his Titan armed force from seeking after worldwide annihilation, and numerous fans are left pondering where Attack on Titan goes from here.

Attack on Titan chapter 134 is to release on November 9.

Attack on Titan: The Final Season is scheduled to premiere on December 7th.