MAPPA Attack on Titan
Photo Credit: WIT Studio

Attack on Titan is one of the most mainstream anime out there, and its residency under WIT Studios is only noteworthy. That is the reason the interview of the final season is so foreseen as fans are prepared to see the show’s final season come to life. Also, because of another meeting, we have figured out how MAPPA Studios took responsibility for Attack on Titan following WIT’s exit.

Since season 1 Attack on Titan has been produced by WIT Studio this praise proceeded through seasons (1, 2, and 3). Be that as it may, despite season four, WIT chose to advise the show’s crew to find another studio to produce Attack on Titan.

At last, the project went to MAPPA as the studio was the just one to try and think about the activity. Assault on Titan includes notoriety inside the business, and it isn’t really a complimenting one. The time crunchy put on the act’s illustrators is entirely crazy, however, MAPPA was up for the activity.

During a recent Newtype interview with Kensuke Tateishi said WIT Studio agreed to pass the light during the creation of season three as shared by YonkouProd over on Twitter, check it out below:

Kensuke Tateishi: There was a discussion with WIT Studio during the production of season 3. The story had reached a critical juncture, and as creators, we wanted to step things up even more than we had until now. We wanted to find a new studio, but most of them were no good. Many of them said They just couldn’t take the workload.
Toshiro Maeda of MBS: The refusals were mostly due to scheduling.
Tateishi: Only one studio said “We’ll think about it” and that was MAPPA. The people at WIT also felt comfortable with MAPPA taking over.

The deal experienced at long last as MAPPA has administered season four up until this point. While fans will miss WIT, they are interested to see what this studio can bring to Attack on Titan.