Attack on Titan Wiki

Attack on Titan is pushing forward with its fourth season, and that implies things are moving towards a peak. This season is set to be the final one for Eren and his friends, so you realize what amount is in question.

With another war fermenting, there are more individuals hoping to Attack on Titan than any time in recent memory, and another positioning has gone live for the most well-known characters in the series. The new rundown comes courtesy of the Attack on Titan wiki. The group at Fandom delivered the wiki’s most mainstream character pages since the beginning of season four.

As you can figure, the absolute most well-known pages tumble to characters who appeared this season, yet the top taker will be an astonishment to most fans. As you can see over, the main spot went to the Nine Titans with 2.04 million perspectives. This implies the uncommon titans overall have started the interest of fans. With regards to the most-looked through character, Eren starts to lead the pack with second spot at 1.90 million perspectives.

The remainder of the rundown tumbles to explicit Attack on Titan characters. Levi hit up third spot with 954,000 pings while Zeke took fourth spot. The remainder of the main ten went to the Founding Titan, Falco Grice, Pieck, the War Hamme Titan, Ymir Fritz, and Mikasa Ackerman. These analytics are current as of February 1, and fans are certain another character may have joined this rundown from that point forward.