attack on titan volume 34 end
Photo: Kodansha

The Survey Corp’s story has been a dull one, with their loved ones being ingested by huge giants known as Titans, yet with the insider facts of their reality revealed, their story is near finding some conclusion as Attack On Titan’s last manga volume has been uncovered.

With Attack On Titan’s fourth and final season of its anime going all out gratitude to Studio MAPPA, the manga is in the last pains of the fight between the Survey Corps and another danger that hits simply somewhat excessively near and dear! The last fight between the country of Marley and the Eldians has taken a genuine turn, with Eren Jaeger getting the intensity of the Founding Titan and utilizing it to annihilate the human populace that doesn’t have the blood of Ymir going through their veins.

Twitter User Attack on Titan wiki shared that not exclusively will the 34th volume of the manga be its last story, however, that it will be released in 2021 in summer, demonstrating to us exactly how the narrative of the Survey Corps will eventually reach a conclusion:

In the anime, the fourth season of Attack on Titan is as of now removing a stage from the account of the Survey Corps and rather putting the focus on the officers of Marley who are endeavoring to turn into the following inheritors of the intensity of the Nine.

Source: Attack on Titan Wiki Twitter Account