Photo: MAPPA

Attack on Titan the final season is here, and it is prepared to bring the agony as is consistently the situation, the anime went live this season with a presentation that finished in gore and fight. As this fourth and final season pushes ahead, fans realize such savagery will just proceed, yet they will get brief breaks.

Also, as another outline shows, fans will enjoy a reprieve from battling to beware of Reiner’s backstory sooner rather than later. As of late, another summary surfaced for Attack on Titan season four. The snippet made fans buzz about scene three as the netizens have heard minimal about where this new season is going, however, it appears to be this scene, specifically, will zero in on Reiner’s past.

A very notable anime influencer over on Twitter Spytrue shared the translated synopsis: “Back home, warrior Reiner Braun is reunited with his mother. That night, he recalls his childhood days as he aspired to become a warrior. The son of an Eldian mother, Reiner’s dream is to earn an honorary Marleyan title with his mother and live with his estranged father. He believes that if he inherits the power of the Titans and becomes a hero to save the world, his wish will come true,”

As should be obvious, this new portrayal guarantees a top to bottom glance at Reiner is on its way. Attack on Titan fans will be intrigued to perceive how the kid grew up and what incited him to sneak into Paradis each one of those years back.

Via: Spytrue