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Attack on Titan Final Exhibitions full interview to Hajime Isayama revealed, the creator of the world’s second best-selling mangaAttack on Titan” Japanese (Shingeki no Kyojin, 進撃の巨人)

“Warning anime watchers, before you start reading there are spoilers down below, if you’d like to continue, just keep scrolling down and you can read the full interview”

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Isayama’s full interview:

  • Part 1:

If I write 4 chapters, I can put out one volume… which mean, well, my income will grow that much. In that case, I was just thinking about money.
There’s certainly an increase in the amount I want to draw… But it’s been such a long time, and I feel strongly that I’ve grown very close to it. I think I’ve been proceeding based on how I want to draw the last scene.

Of course, there are many precursors to the main goal, and taking each step in line with them is extremely challenging, and there are also parts that have to balance out, which is tricky. Just one more time, just one more like this… there are sinking steps leading up to the goal… But I feel that I really should keep going for what I’ve always wanted to draw for closure.

  • Part 2: “The meaning of drawing the manga

I think I wanted to attack something. Like betraying people or hurting people. And, I feel that’s what I really wanted to do For me, as a reader when I think, “This manga will remain in my heart,” it means, for example, it phenomenally hurt me: it’s those kinds of experiences that I’m after. I initially thought perhaps Armin, but lately, I’d say it’s maybe Eren after all. Initially I believed this type of character was necessary for the story, so I wrote him in, but actually, with him come something of a feeling that he was part of an inner me that I didn’t really want to see!

  • Question: While writing, do “Sounds” also arise in your head?

Answer: I think sounds ring out loud and clear. When writing storyboards in my case, I can’t draw if it’s not silent. I mutter to myself quite a lot to concentrate and end up being unable to hear the sounds inside my brain by, by shutting out the noise. I can hear all this at the storyboard stage.

Attack on Titan Final Exhibitions Full Interview to Hajime Isayama Revealed
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  • Part 3: “Today i draw once more, and i make progress
  • Question nr1 : Do you feel the “Progression” of the work?

Answer: I somehow got to this point before I really knew it. I suppose there was a period where I thought this sort of thing didn’t happen to unknown newcomers though. It’s perhaps a bit of a shame I don’t really remember all that, but I really don’t have any true memories of the early days. In the beginning, it was hard for me to draw, but gradually I became able to draw the way I wanted, and I started to enjoy it. Actually, this was more down to the support of my assistant than my effort.

  • Question nr2: Which scenes do you like from your recent work?

Answer: I really like when Eren is fighting the “War Hammer Titan“. And it was quite difficult to draw a scene where he is fighting the “Jaw Titan” as there were so many lines, but it was great fun. I was very satisfied when it was finished. I can’t help but keep looking at it forever.

Attack on Titan Final Exhibitions Full Interview to Hajime Isayama Revealed
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  • Question nr1: The storyboards are also progressing, aren’t they?

Answer: I saw them today and I even enjoyed them myself. They were fun but, also moving. Light, oh this is Sasha’s character design initially looked – truly only Sasha is different.

  • Question nr2: What do you do with the storyboards you have drawn?

Answer: I keep them. I really can’t bear to the thought of getting rid of them. I feel they are pieces of paper that have gone through incredible hardship with me. Perhaps I’ll ultimately have them put in my coffin. Mind you, they might not fit in….

“At the end Hajime Isayama’s word to the readers”

I’d like to thank them they’re glad that they’ve read this far. It motivates me the most and is also my goal to write this final time.

The Mangas Climax is imminent.

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