It may sound insane, however, there are still a few fans who don’t thoroughly understand Attack on Titan‘s ending and the debate that accompanied it. Recently, fans said goodbye to the arrangement as its manga closed with chapter 139.

As you can imagine, assumptions were high for the finale, and most fans concede they saw the ending coming pretty far. Yet, there are fans feeling let somewhere around the finale, and the Attack on Titan being a fan is thundering as requests for a substitute end have hit the Internet. The entire thing became visible when netizens hit up Twitter, Tumblr, and Reddit in the wake of part 139. Following the quick aftermath, a few fans united together to argue Hajime Isayama for a new ending.

The finale’s last details were a lot to bear for certain fans, however different fans via web-based media immediately went to the Attack on Titan’s guard. Isayama finished Attack on Titan similar as fans expected, and its disheartening hints aren’t anything to dissent about. In any case, that hasn’t changed the personalities of hated fans. A request on requesting a substitute end has almost seized 7,500 signatures.