Photo Credit: olrakarts

All things considered, Hollywood has authorized Attack on Titan for an adjustment, however, the inquiry is who will star in the film. While details on the film have been painfully slow, a fan-banner has surfaced from Reddit user @olrakarts that pitches their picks. As should be obvious down beneath, the poster envisions how the lead cast of Attack on Titan could be rounded out.

The poster features everybody from Mikasa to Armin and Erwin, and we need to concede we’re adoring this fan-cast. This poster throws “Timothee Chalamet” ahead of the pack job as Eren. The kid can be seen scraped up in the front, and he looks prepared to fight with a blade close by. With respect to Armin, the character has been given to “Noah Schnapp” for a go, and Mikasa is left to “IU”.

The artist hails from South Korea where she’s likewise known for her music vocation. Be that as it may, Korean dramatizations like Scarlet Heart and Hotel del Luna have demonstrated her adaptability as an on-screen character.

The fan-poster additionally gets other Hollywood stars to balance the main cast. Levi is brought to life with Dane Dehaan he is basically spot-on throwing. The equivalent can be said for Commander Erwin as the fighter is played by “Chris Evans”. The last star to join in is “Elle Fanning” who gives off an impression of being playing Christa. There is no uncertainty such a gifted cast would make the film a hit, so all fans need to do is watch out for what comes next with its real picks.