Attack on Titan Collaboration with Satens Eye Care Project
Photo Credit: Saten's Eye Care Project

Attack on Titan collaboration effort is a piece of Santen’s Eye Care Project. The organization overviewed 512 people going in age from their 20s to 50s. The study found that individuals in their 20s utilized cell phones frequently, including directly before bed.

The overview additionally discovered that “worn out eyes” were viewed contrarily by others as “unfortunate”, “old,” or “lacking inspiration.” Santen’s Eye Care Project is looking to explicitly target tired eyes brought about by screen exhaustion.

The Survey Corps of Attack on Titan have loaned their abilities to battles running from body hair to clothing cleanser. The anime’s freshest (and most bizarre) joint effort is with Santen Pharmaceuticals, an organization gaining practical experience in eye drops. Levi, the Colossal Titan, and Eren show up in short promotions with drained, destroyed eyes. They utilize Santen’s eye drop items to revive their exhausted eyes by making them look kawaii.