Mikasa and Eren
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Warning!!! Huge Spoiler Alert From Attack on Titan Manga Chapter 133!!! Avoid Reading This Article If You Haven’t Read The Manga’s Latest Chapter!!!

Attack on Titan, Hajime İsayama’s nihilistic manga with its dark story filled with plot twists always managed to amaze fans and actually changed fans’ point of view regarding the characters and their plans about the future of the universe.

The series with no doubt has been a wild ride since the very beginning, and that has not changed at all in its conclusion. Things are just getting more serious as the story’s end moves closer. Now everyone’s eyes are on Eren and the Survey Corps as they competition to end the enduring of mankind in their separate manners. Furthermore, in an ongoing update, fans looked as Mikasa asked Eren to rejoin her and give on his plan.

The manga’s most recent chapter which is the 133rd one has shown fans our heroes follow up the series current antagonist Eren Yeager. The previous legend repudiated his previous companions to start a worldwide massacre in order to protect Paradis. Obviously, this gigantic choice has just murdered thousands, and Mikasa is frantic for Eren to adjust his perspective before they are compelled to execute him.

Mikasa says the following:

“I want to share your burden. I committed the same crimes as you so please stop ignoring us. Please come back,” 

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Mikasa and Eren meet up alongside the overcomers of the Survey Corps after Eren puts out a hand. The gathering is tossed into the psychological scape of the Founding Titan where Zeke and Eren were tossed such a long time ago. Presently, the last is accountable for the entire thing, and Eren’s companions urgently shouted to their companion. Mikasa was one of the last to send him a message, and hers was conveyed through her tears.

Be that as it may, at long last, Eren told his companions he won’t stray from his main goal. They are allowed to murder him similarly as he is allowed to proclaim battle on the world. This message leaves Mikasa in tears as Eren stresses the best way to stop him is to execute him. Mikasa never needed to hear her companion say that, and all in all, executing Eren may very well murder her as well.

Attack on Titan chapter 134 is scheduled to be released on November 9th in Japan.

Attack on Titan: The Final Season will premiere on December 7th.