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The June issue of Kodansha’s Bessatsu Friend magazine uncovered on May 13 that Atsuko Nanba‘s Come on a My House (Kamona My House) manga will go on a hiatus due to Nanba going on maternity leave.

The magazine and its official site will declare the manga‘s arrival date when it is chosen.

Come on a My House
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The manga focuses on Hinata, a secondary school understudy who regularly goes to a vacant house after school to invest her energy and cook utilizing the stove in the patio nursery. At some point, when she lands at the house, she finds that a game maker named Itsuki is living in the house.

Atsuko Nanba propelled the manga in Bessatsu Friend last August. Kodansha distributed the manga‘s second gathered book volume on May 13.

Nanba propelled the Ao-Natsu manga in Kodansha’s Bessatsu Friend in 2013, and finished it in August 2017. Kodansha discharged eight volumes for the manga. The manga inspired a live-action film adjustment that opened in Japan last August.