Anime Rap Battles have become a viral phenomenon on the network, with rappers and anecdotal characters throwing rhymes at each other to demonstrate that they’re the best in these straight on rivalries. The anime symbol known as King Vader has assembled a titanic battle of words between Naruto of his nominal arrangement acclaim and Goku of the Dragon Ball arrangement!

King Vader shared Round 1 of the Rap Battle that happens among Goku and Naruto, by means of his Official Twitter Account. While the full video has been shared on Youtube, check it out below:

King Vader hit the scene making unique recordings that have become well known inside the anime world.

While Goku is as yet the main hero of the Dragon Ball establishment, Naruto has disregarded the implement to his child, Boruto, having at last accomplished his fantasy about turning into the Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village.