So, how well do you know anime? Take this kawaii quiz to find out!

Welcome to your Anime Quiz

How many times did Goku die?

Who is the creator of Attack on Titan?

Who is the disciple of Saitama?

What do you have to do with Pokemons?

How many quirks does Midoriya have?

Who is Tohru Honda's husband?

How many balls are in Dragon Ball?

How are the monsters called in Digimon?

What kind of a creature is this in My Neighbor Totoro?

How do you do a Naruto run?

Did Monkey D. Luffy become a Pirate king?

Which body part did "Edward Elric" loose?

What does "Kaneki" do with his fingers?

How did Eren Jaeger's mother died?

What name was assigned to "Light Yagami" by the public?