Photo Credit: Studio Brain's Base

One of the main news and issue nowadays is the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) that caused a lot of preventive measures to be taken in different nations to switch things around on the infection from spreading.

The universe of anime has likewise been influenced as a few arrangement have been postponed from their ordinary calendar, just as some anime related social occasions, for example, Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Tournaments in Japan, being inconclusively suspended.

With the news coming in quick and enraged about the infection, fans were left to think about whether the up and coming Anime Japan show would happen this year obviously.

Anime Japan 2020 will even now be occurring, for the present at any rate. The show facilitators are watching out for the infection and how it might influence the anime gathering, which will be occurring from March 21st to the 22nd. With the up and coming anime show hoping to uncover some new data about Bleach and Attack On Titan, to give some examples, fans are crossing their fingers that the occasion goes off effortlessly.

Anime Japan 2020’s official Twitter account discharged the most recent updates, expressing that the occasion was all the while pushing ahead, with the show possibly being dropped dependent on any genuine updates with regards to the infection and on the off chance that it would conceivably spread thus.

AnimeJapan is a Japanese anime buyer show which was held just because at the Tokyo Big Sight presentation focus in Tokyo, on March 2014. It was made from the merger of the Tokyo International Anime Fair with the Anime Contents Expo. It is sorted out by the AnimeJapan Executive Committee with help from The Association of Japanese Animations and The Association of Manga Publishers.