Shueisha Copyright Strike
Photo: Studio BONES

The Japanese publishing giant Shueisha blew some people’s minds when various fans discovered their social media accounts getting copyright strikes for posting official pictures of a portion of their greatest anime establishments including One Piece, Dragon Ball and those equivalent fans are taking to the web to communicate their bewilderment at the turns of events.

Shueisha is the organization that owns the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, Viz Media, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, still can’t seem to authoritatively state why some online media account proprietors are accepting strikes for posting pictures from a portion of their greatest anime and manga arrangement, yet fans are crossing their fingers that answers will be uncovered soon.

You can check out fans’ reaction to the recent copyright strike news below:

Shueisha was set up in 1925 as the amusement related distributing division of Japanese distributer Shogakukan. The next year, Shueisha turned into a different, free organization.

Manga magazines distributed by Shueisha incorporate the Jump magazine line, which incorporates shonen magazines Weekly Shōnen Jump, Jump SQ, and V Jump, and seinen magazines Weekly Young Jump, Grand Jump and Ultra Jump. They additionally distribute different magazines, including Non-no. Shueisha, alongside Shogakukan, claims Viz Media, which distributes manga from every one of the three organizations in North America.

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