Among Us has become a genuine wonder in the realm of gaming and all things considered. Fans have sped to model their own plans of Among Us since its prominence started rising. One artist chose to make their own murder movements for the game, and they depended on some exemplary anime arrangement to complete it.

The piece originates from the client Landonardo ugh over on youtube. The artist and animator hit up fans online with his anime-driven version of Among Us.

The video starts with an immediate gesture to Attack on Titan as the Red member is indicated making out of here the Yellow person than it proceeds to show some other intense deaths that anime fans will know right away. Bleach comes next before Yu-Gi-Oh appears to remove Yellow’s life focuses. One-Punch Man does likewise before Fullmetal Alchemist appears to change Yellow into a fabrication. Furthermore, as we as a whole know, the helpless person bites the dust soon after.