Akira is one of the most famous and successful cyberpunk post-apocalyptic manga series of all time created by Katsuhiro Otomo, which was introduced decades ago and undoubtedly it stands as an icon in its own genre.

Well, according to the trustworthy news source on Twitter @MangaMoguraRE, Akira creator is working on the manga and it will start its publication soon.

Akira, frequently adapted as AKIRA, is a Japanese cyberpunk manga arrangement composed and showed by Katsuhiro Otomo. It was at first serialized in the pages of Young Magazine, a seinen manga magazine, from 1982 until 1990, and afterward gathered into six tankobon volumes by its distributer Kodansha somewhere in the range of 1984 and 1991. It was distributed in the United States by Marvel Comics under Epic Comics, getting one of the first manga ever to be totally converted into English. Otomo’s specialty is viewed as extraordinary and a watershed for both Otomo and the manga structure. The manga is additionally renowned for producing the fundamental 1988 cyberpunk anime film adjustment of a similar name.

The manga is set in a dystopian and modern Neo-Tokyo, over two decades after a puzzling blast devastated the city. The story centers around the endeavors of a young biker group pioneer Kaneda, an aggressor progressive Kei, a trio of Espers, and the military chief of Neo-Tokyo Colonel Shikishima. They endeavor to forestall Tetsuo, Kaneda’s intellectually imbalanced cherished companion, from utilizing his insecure and ground-breaking supernatural capacities to desolate the city and stir a secretive individual with comparative mystic capacities named “Akira,” who was answerable for the pulverization of Tokyo quite a long while back. All through the volumes, Otomo utilizes shows of the cyberpunk type to detail an adventure of political strife, social separation, defilement, and force. It is viewed as a milestone work in the cyberpunk type, credited with generating the Japanese cyberpunk subgenre.

An animated film adjustment discharged in 1988 abbreviated the plot extensively while holding a significant number of the manga’s essential characters and plot components close by extra scenes, settings, and themes. The manga happens over a more extended time period than the film and includes a lot more extensive exhibit of characters and subplots. Otomo’s Akira anime film adjustment denoted his change from a vocation basically in manga to one only in anime.

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