In the present story arc in One Piece titled the Wano Country Arc, the Straw Hat Pirates have been offered makeovers to assist them with mixing into this secluded and feudalistic country, however with a few swashbucklers being not, at this point a piece of the place that is known for the living.

The expert had initially shown up in a flashback visiting this perilous scene however now, we get the chance to perceive what the fire-employing privateer resembles with a Wano stylish! The Wano Arc has been a major one for both Ace and Sabo, with Ace having visited the nation before his own demise and Sabo’s status being undetermined with many accepting that he is done cruising the oceans of the Grand Line.

The Straw Hat Pirates could absolutely utilize the joined forces of Ace and Sabo as the war for Wano starts to warm up in both the anime and the manga of Eiichiro Oda’s well-known anime franchise! Twitter User WSJ_Manga shared this brand new work of art from the franchise’s creator that was made for One Piece Magazine Volume 9.

Sabo and Ace are both lamentable stories with regards to the universe of One Piece, being powerful pieces of Luffy’s journey to turning into the ruler of the pirates.