A Silent Voice Film Gets Full Package Limited Blu-ray Edition
Photo Credit: Kyoto Animation

A Silent Voice film will get a restricted release Blu-ray Disk on November 26. The Blu-ray Disk will have chipboard box bundling highlighting the first Japanese box set fine art, raised UV plan, and a holographic title the news was reported by Eleven Arts.

The discharge will incorporate a 60-page craftsmanship book including storyboards, character structures, notes from movie executive Naoko Yamada, and the story behind the Inner Silence substitute soundtrack composed by arranger Kensuke Ushio. The Blu-ray Disk will likewise incorporate eight craftsmanship cards including scenes from the film.

The Blu-ray Disk will likewise highlight a full-length sound editorial, the Inner Silence interchange soundtrack with no discourse, the official music video of “Koi Wo Shita No Wa” by Aiko, the “Speed of Youth” music video coordinated by Yamada, a featurette about genuine areas of the movie, special recordings, and individual meetings with chief Yamada, the author Ushio, the workmanship executive Mutsuo Shinohara, and the late character architect Futoshi Nishiya.

Yamada and Kyoto Animation’s film depends on Yoshitoki Ōima’s manga of a similar name. Anime Limited screened the film with English captions in the United Kingdom and Ireland on March 2017. Eleven Arts Anime Studio screened the film in the United States in Japanese with English captions in October 2017 and with an English dub in February 2018.