9 Perfect Anime Series To Watch During The Weekend
Photo Credit: MAPPA, TMS/3xCube, David Production

Many iconic anime series like Dragon Ball Z/Super, Naruto, One Piece have hundreds of episodes and they are a perfect source to spend quality time. However there are also many anime series that can also be watched during the weekend.

There are many great anime series that can be watched during a weekend, and we made a list of some of them we think you will have a good time watching!

Magi: Adventure Of Sinbad


Magi: Adventure anime covers Sinbad’s more youthful years preceding the occasions of the fundamental passages, and it adds a lot of profundity to one of the establishment’s most noteworthy characters. The action at this prequel series is heavenly, the talk is charming, and the world-building is strong. Undoubtedly the 13 episode anime is a perfect one to watch on Netflix.

Cells At Work!

David Production

If you are looking for an extraordinary shonen anime, at that point Cells at Work! is an ideal competitor.

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Set inside a human body as various cells act together to complete things, Cells at Work! figures out how to be all the while instructive, engaging, abnormally diverting, and surprisingly severe. There is no other anime very like this arrangement. A continuation is required to drop in 2021, so this is the ideal opportunity to watch Cells at Work’s! first season.

Kyou Kara Ore Wa!!


Kyou kara Ore wa!! is one of the most entertaining ’90s anime that frequently gets neglected. A decent variation of Hiroyuki Nishimori’s incredible manga, Kyou kara Ore wa!! follows two high school students who choose to grasp an existence of misconduct in the wake of being moved to another school.

The series follows a roundabout structure yet not ignoring character improvement, Kyou kara Ore wa!! is a dark title that is well worth trying.

Megalo Box


Megalo Box is a 2018 anime TV arrangement made in celebration of the 50th commemoration of the manga Ashita no Joe. It is created by the studio TMS Entertainment and 3xCube, which additionally delivered the second Ashita no Joe anime in 1980. The head of creation is chief Yō Moriyama, working with screenwriters Katsuhiko Manabe and Kensaku Kojima, with music made by hip-jump craftsman Mabanua.

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The arrangement was broadcast in Japan from April 6, 2018 to June 29, 2018 and was simulcast on Crunchyroll. Recounting a total story inside 13 episodes, Megalo Box is the ideal starting games anime. The show is dirty, action hefty, flawlessly animated, and develop.

Good Luck Girl!


In the universe of the Good Luck everybody has a specific measure of positive fortune, notwithstanding, Ichiko Sakura has been incidentally sapping the best of luck from everyone around her.

As this is basically unjustifiable, a goddess of poverty, Momiji Binboda, is shipped off shut down Ichiko’s honored life. Normally, the last isn’t particularly ready to work on an equivalent battleground with every other person. The anime mixes stunning humor with contacting character minutes to make an encounter that flies by.

Tower of God

Telecom Animation Film

Tower of God, the anime based on the South Korean manhwa with the same name debuted with its 13 episodes from April 1 to June 24, 2020.

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The series revolves around a kid named Twenty-Fifth Bam, who has gone through the greater part of his time on earth caught underneath a tremendous and baffling Tower, with just his dear companion, Rachel, to stay with him. At the point when Rachel enters the Tower, Bam is crushed. Some way or another, Bam figures out how to make the way for the Tower. Presently, he will go any distance to see Rachel again regardless of whether it implies biting the dust. At the point when he enters the Tower, he meets partners that will help him up the tower.



Gunbuster is the mecha anime series directed by the creator of the Neon Genesis Evangelion anime Hideaki Anno that debuted 7 from October 1988 to 7 July 1989 with its 6 episodes.

The series is a worldwide famous science fiction mecha arrangement about mankind going toward creepy crawly themed aliens, this contention goes about as the impetus for the youthful hero’s transitioning.

The Promised Neverland


The Promised Neverland is the dark fantasy anime that periodically dapples with horror, the series is a refreshingly unique shonen arrangement. It is experienced, horrid, yet in addition confident.

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The anime bases on a gathering of orphans living at Grace Field House. While they appear to have optimistic existences, a portion of the more seasoned youngsters find a stunning truth behind the home’s explanation behind existing. Escaping is the main alternative. The anime has a following season scheduled to premiere on January, 2021.

The God of High School


The Crunchyroll original The God of High School is an anime series based on the South Korean manhwa that debuted from July to September 2020 with its 13 episodes.

The series is produced by Animation Studio MAPPA, and is focused on the protagonist Mori Jin, who is a 17-year-old martial artist from Seoul, South Korea. At the beginning of the story, he is invited to join a Martial Arts tournament called “The God of High School”. The event, sponsored by a shady corporation, brings together people from high schools all over South Korea on a regional and then, national level in order to select three representatives for the World Tournament. As a prize, the winner gets his wish fulfilled by the hosting corporation, and no question is asked.

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