8 Anime Series We Forgot They Existed
Photo: Studio BONES, Toei Animation

The last few decades have introduced us with many iconic anime series that conquered fans’ hearts, and there are a lot of them who are actually forgotten.

The growing universe of anime highlights works of art and fan-top choices that everybody has known about. Numerous shonen works of art, for example, Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball and Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto have been broadly mainstream for quite a long time and keep on remaining important with new side projects.

Notwithstanding, there are likewise numerous anime whose notoriety came as fast as it came. These anime may have been viewed as works of art at one point as expected yet by one way or another escaped everyone’s notice and it slipped were’s mind.

Check out some of the greatest classics that reached a certain amount of popularity and you might have forgotten of:

Rave Master

Photo: Studio Deen

Rave Master is the creation of the worldwide famous manga author Hiro Mashima is also the creator of Fairy Tail.

The anime series debuted from October 13, 2001 to September 28, 2002.

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The arrangement follows Haru Glory, a young person on a journey to locate the five bits of the sacred stone Rave to carry harmony to the world by vanquishing the criminal gathering Demon Card. Mashima made this arrangement with going far and wide and was given challenges in its serialization because of its significant length.

Shugo Chara!

Photo: Satelight

The story of Shugo Chara! anime is focused on the elementary school young lady Amu Hinamori, whose mainstream outside, alluded to as cool and zesty by her schoolmates, stands out from her contemplative character. At the point when Amu wants for the boldness to be reawakened as her eventual self, she is astonished to discover three bright eggs the following morning, which bring forth into three Guardian Characters which are: Ran, Miki, and Su.


Photo: Artland

The story of the series is based on the Reborn! manga by the famous manga author Akira Amano, follows the life of Tsunayoshi “Tsuna” Sawada, the contender to be the Mafia manager of the Vongola Famiglia, who must battle against a gathering of professional killers called the Varia who needs to get their chief Xanxus to turn into the Vongola chief. To help Tsuna, a portion of his companions become watchmen for the Vongola to battle the Varia.

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Reborn! is the series where Akira Amano actually found an astounding amount of success. In a funny interpretation of the mafia classification, a little youngster named Tsuna is relied upon to turn into the following supervisor of the Vongola family. Fortunately, he has a smallish assassin, Reborn, to give him the general tour and methods of a genuine hired gunman.

As a mafia anime that has both humor and hazier topics, Reborn! was really a unique exemplary during its unique run.

Soul Eater

Photo: Studio BONES

Soul Eater anime is set on the “Death Weapon Meister Academy”, and it spins around three groups, each comprising of a weapon meister and weapon that can change into a humanoid. Attempting to make the last a death scythe and in this manner fit for use by the institute’s superintendent Shinigami, the embodiment of death, they should gather the spirits of 99 abhorrent people and one witch, in a specific order; else, they should start from the very beginning once more.


Photo: Madhouse, Nippon Animedia

Beyblade is the anime adaptation of Takao Aoki’s manga with the same name produced by Madhouse and Nippon Animedia.

The series debuted from January 8, 2001 to December 24, 2001 with its 51 episodes and managed to get an astounding amount of fans’ attention.

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 Beyblade focuses on a group of kids who form teams with which they battle one another using Beyblades.

Zatch Bell!

Photo: Toei Animation

Zatch Bell! anime’s story follows the title character Zatch Bell, an enchanted being known as a Mamodo, who is joined forces with Kiyo Takamine, a 14-year-old student, in a once-a-thousand years competition on Earth that decides the option to run the Mamodo world as lord. During their experience, Zatch and Kiyo experience and fight different Mamodo and their human partners, just as meet partners who help Zatch in his mission to turn into a kind king.



Hamtaro anime is popular for conquering fans’ hearts with lovable characters and critters. Fortunately, there are some adorable anime arrangement that are ideal for creature darlings, for example, Bananya, Chi’s Sweet Home, and Hamtaro. Specifically, Hamtaro and his hamster companions held a spot in our souls during the anime’s disagreement the mid 2000’s.

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As an inquisitive hamster, Hamtaro set out on undertakings with the Ham-Hams to investigate and find new companions and enemies. In general, the anime was very healthy and charming however maybe not connecting enough for it to be the most vital work of art.

Prince Of Tennis

Photo: Trans Arts, Production I.G.

Prince Of Tennis is one of the famous sports anime series that premiered from October 10, 2001 to March 30, 2005 with 178 episodes in total.

In the event that we return a little further as expected, the field of sports anime was once overwhelmed by The Prince of Tennis. While it may appear to be less exciting to watch an anecdotal tennis match, Ryoma, the youthful tennis wonder, consistently realized how to make each game fascinating.


Photo: TMS Entertainment, Nelvana Animation

Bakugan Battle Brawlers is just like Beyblade an anime focused on collectible toys and also dueling for a younger audience.

The anime series directed by Mitsuo Hashimoto debuted from April 7, 2007 to March 27, 2008 with its 52 episodes. The story focuses on the lives of creatures called Bakugan and the “battle brawlers” who have them. The Bakugan establishment itself is a joint endeavor between Sega Toys and Spin Master.

Bakugan marbles have been one of the top rated toys for children, that also won numerous of awards and selling thousands of marbles a year.

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