8 Best Side Characters
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If there is one anime series we can mention as a top-notch Shonen anime, it is with no doubt the Hunter x Hunter which is one of the best things that ever happened to the fandom.

The series has a lot of great qualities, starting from animation, plot, characters and many more.

Hunter x Hunter has no lack of anime characters and there are some that stay at the top as side characters that every fan love.

Ging Freecs

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This may appear to be a little weird to incorporate a character as integral to the story as Ging Freecs, however his all out absence of screen time makes him a side character, yet the main one. The secret of Ging is one that is spread out over the total of Hunter X Hunter, and it’s not until the last couple of episodes that he at last engages in the fundamental story of the anime.

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Hunter x Hunter anime’s main protagonist Gon’s father Ging end up being worth the stand by however. Virtually every episode including the star Hunter was a paramount one, loaded up with humor and interest as he attempted to control the political decision for the following Chairman of the Hunter Association. The last gathering among Gon and Ging left crowds fulfilled after such a long excursion to meet the strange Hunter.


Uvogin is the late member #11 of the Phantom Troupe, an infamous gang of criminals with class A bounties. Uvogin is the fierce fighter and the strongest in terms of physical power in the gathering. His iconic fight with Kurapika gives him the edge against his kindred criminals. Instead of play into the generalizations of the brainless nitwit, Uvogin is a nuanced character who carries more to the table other than quality alone.

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Well, with no doubt he is a strong person as he killed experienced Nen users just by yelling at them and left ravine estimated pits just by punching the Earth. Be that as it may, Uvogin’s showcase of unwaveringness as he picked death because of Kurapika over the double-crossing of his confidants was his genuine vital turning point. It was Uvogin’s showcase of ethical quality that indicated that the inspirations of the Phantom Troupe weren’t so high contrast.

Isaac Netero

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Isaac Netero is the Chairman of the Hunter Association and the most powerful Nen user in the whole arrangement. Unmistakably there is substantially more to Netero than what lies on a superficial level after his first gathering with Gon and Killua during the Hunter Exam arc. His energetic character was in substantial differentiation with his capacities as a contender.

His character change from an exemplary saint to a malignant portrayal of humankind was one of the most startling turns in the whole Hunter X Hunter franchise. His Nen capacity, known as the 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva, was likewise one of the most destroying techniques in the entire show, with phenomenal presentations of the animation that make his fight with Meruem one of the most important in all of Hunter X Hunter.

Biscuit Krueger

The Double-Star Stone Hunter, Biscuit Krueger is the love letter starting with one anime giant then onto the next. She prefers to be called Bisky and she is a recognition for the characterizing magical girl Sailor Moon, as the makers of both manga are married, all things considered. She goes about as a magnificent teacher for the series’ protagonist Gon and his companipon Killua as they progress through Greed Island, and her relationship with Killua is particularly important.

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She encourages the the heroes what it genuinely intends to be ground-breaking in the realm of the Hunters. Without her direction and backing, Gon and Killua probably would not have endure Greed Island, not to mention beat the game through and through.


Gotoh was a butler in service of the Zoldyck Family which is considered to be the most deadliest group in the franchise.  He had served the Zoldycks for a couple of years, and the Zoldycks entrusted Killua Zoldyck, one of the sons, in his care.

His first testing of Killua’s companions was dubious from the outset, yet it filled in as a significant lesson for them as they set out on their hazardous experiences over the world. Gotoh’s particular coins go about as a creative yet viable weapon that end up being very dangerous to even the most experienced Nen user. His fight with Hisoka during the Election Arc is one of the pinnacles of the arrangement as far as animation which was executed by Madhouse.


Photo Credit: Madhouse

Wing is Zushi’s teacher and the character who introduced Killua Zoldyck and Gon Freecss to Nen. He is an Assistant Master of Shingen-ryukung fu and a former student of Bisky.

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He is an adorable and encouraging character and in a show as dim and unforgiving as Hunter X Hunter, it is reviving for a character like Wing to show up. Wing genuinely starts to think about his students after a brief timeframe, and his anxiety during every one of their fights just serves to show what a genial individual he truly is.


Photo Credit: Madhouse

Kite was a Hunter and the student of Ging Freecss’, and he is a character that deserved a lot more appearance in the screens. After their passing, they were reawakened as a Chimera Ant and Meruem’s twin kin. Colt named them Reina, after his late sister, however they took to calling themselves Kite indeed. His inevitable death is a staggering hit to both Gon and the crowd the same. Prior to that however, Kite is depicted as one of the most skilled and perilous characters Gon and Killua have ever experienced.

The ability of Nen which he has, is called Crazy Slots, offers some levity to his generally genuine nature. It additionally gave us probably the coolest visuals in the show, similar to when Kite rose up out of an ocean of haze to chop down many Chimera with a solitary swipe of his grass shearer. His cool disposition under such perilous conditions alongside his great character configuration just makes Kite stand apart more in a world loaded up with exceptional characters.

Zeno Zoldyck

Photo Credit: Madhouse

The father of Silva Zoldyck and the grandfather of Killua Zoldyck, Zeno is an assassin and the fierce practicioner of Nen.

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He demonstrates that age isn’t everything over and over in Hunter X Hunter. Some of the best moments of the anime includes Zeno. The initially was his amazing fight with Chrollo Lucifer, where he took the head of the Phantom Troupe to the verge close by his child, Silva.

The other one is one of the most epic shock passages in anime when Zeno disclosed his entrancing Dragon Dive technique. Close by Chairman Netero, the two Nen veterans rode into fight off the rear of a monster made altogether from Zeno’s energy. On the off chance that this sounds strange, this is on the grounds that it is. Zeno Zoldyck’s chill factor is totally the outlines, and he remains the middle point for one of the most charming perspectives in all of Hunter X Hunter.

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