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Attack on Titan, Hajime İsayama‘s worldwide famous creation is one of fans favorite series filled with action, dark fantasy, all kinds of emotions, and all the well-developed characters.

The series with no doubt is one that contains most of plot twists that make you change your point of view regarding the characters’ intentions for the future of the humanity at the universe of Attack on Titan.

The series took the universe of anime fans by storm from the exact second it originally publicized. In addition to the fact that it created a monstrous fan base in Japan, however it made a clique like circumstance among fans outside of Japan, as well.

Such is its notoriety that, even six years down the line, it’s regularly named among outstanding amongst other anime that Japan has ever delivered. In this way, for those who’ve quite recently wrapped up the arrangement and need to watch comparable anime, we as team wanted to share 7 anime series we are sure Attack on Titan fans are going to enjoy, check them out below:

1.Black Bullet

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Black Bullet, the anime adaptation of Shiden Kanzaki and Saki Ukai’s action/post apocalyptic novel with the same name is based on a universe where after an assault the majority of the human populace transformed into monsters. The individuals who endure have done as such by living behind dividers. As a barrier, female kids who have super-human capacities on account of follow measures of the infection in their blood are prepared as warriors. The warriors are cooperated with Promoters, officers entrusted with ensuring these youngsters. They generally work two by two, and Black Bullet is the narrative of Satomi and Enju, who go on perilous missions to battle this strange infection.

2. Kabaneri Of The İron Fortress

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The anime filled with adventures Kabaneri Of The İron Fortress is set on an other cyberpunk universe, people observer the undead ascending from their graves because of a baffling infection. Known as Kabane, these animals spread their contaminations by gnawing living individuals, and the best way to execute them is a shot to their steel hearts.

The series main protagonist Ikoma is a youngster who’s made a weapon he accepts will neutralize the Kabane. Searching for a chance to test his weapon, his desire works out in the most surprising manner when his whole island observes an abrupt surge of the Kabanes.

3. Seraph Of The End

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Seraph Of The End, the anime adaptation of Takaya Kagami manga’s with the same name is set in the year 2012 where nearly everybody over the ages of 13 dead under puzzling conditions, vampires assume control over the earth, and they basically ranch people as nourishment sources. Amidst it every one of the, one vagrant youngster figures out how to get away from the hold of the vampires and grows up to turn out to be a piece of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army.

The series’ main protagonist Yūichirō Hyakuya strolls into his absolute first fight, be that as it may, to his stun, he sees his supposedly dead companion, Mikaela, battling on the sides of the vampires.

4. Aldnoah.Zero

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The anime produced by A-1 Pictures presents presents the anecdotal story of the Vers Empire’s 37 groups of Orbital Knights’ endeavored reconquest of Earth empowered by the engaging main Aldnoah energy and drive innovation following come back to Earth as an all the more mechanically propelled individuals after a human diaspora to the planet Mars.

The humanity presently live on both planets Earth and Mars, yet, because of their hypergate on the moon being crushed, their relations with one another have separated. The Mars princess Asseylum comes to earth for harmony talks, yet her endeavored death puts a prompt end to her crucial. Youthful Inaho, an observer to this death, enables the princess to get away and turns into a reluctant member in a war that no one needed in any case.

5. Claymore

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Claymore anime is set on an alternate reality, savage warriors called Claymores, who are half human and half evil spirit, offer their administrations of battling extraordinary animals to the most elevated bidder. Clare who is a low ranked Claymore, discovers her life flipped around when she spares the life of youthful Raki from such animals. With nothing secures him to his town, he chooses to go with Clare and go about as her man-worker. Together, both of them go on numerous self-revelation ventures and furthermore become a lot nearer to one another.

6. Tokyo Ghoul

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Tokyo Ghoul is an anime series set in an other reality where ghouls, animals that seem as though typical individuals yet can just make due by eating human tissue, live among the human populace in mystery, concealing their actual nature so as to avoid interest from the specialists.

We can say that the series is essentially Attack on Titan, however with the only difference that are ghouls. In the two shows, the hero of the series Ken Kaneki is just half-human and continues dismissing his monster half, however he is in the end compelled to grasp it when the life of his friends and family is in harm’s way.

7. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is one of the most favorite shonen anime’s of all time, filled with great adventures, science fiction and with all the perfectly designed characters.

The series are focused on Bothers Edward and Alphonse Elric who are raised by their mom Trisha Elric in the remote town of Resembool in the nation of Amestris. Their dad Hohenheim, a prominent and skilled alchemist, surrendered his family while the young men were as yet youthful, and keeping in mind that in Trisha’s consideration they started to show a liking for speculative chemistry.

The anime is filled with love, dedication, and misfortune that the two extremely youthful Elric siblings face while on their excursion to make their dead mother alive once more.