Photo Credit: Ribon Shueisha

Shueisha’s Ribon magazine’s August issue uncovered on July 3rd that Nana Haruta’s 6-gatsu no Love Letter manga will end in the magazine’s next issue on August 3.

The manga’s story has been described as:

“Momoko is a high school student who missed school due to circumstances and as a result, struggles to make friends. She worries about her classmate Igarashi Ken who is always super late. All of a sudden, Igarashi’s friend Kujo tells Momoko that Igarashi was asked to wake up in the morning for a week and take her to school …!?”

6-gatsu no Love Letter Manga Ends in August
Photo Credit: Ribon Shueisha

Nana Haruta launched the manga in Ribon in June 2018. Shueisha published the manga’s second compiled book volume on March 25.